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The mission of school psychologists is to promote educationally and psychologically healthy environments for all children and youth by implementing research-based, effective programs that prevent problems, enhance independence, and promote optimal learning.

Annual Conference

Please join us November 2nd and 3rd at the Black Canyon Conference Center in Phoenix for the 49th Annual AASP Conference. Please click on the link below for this year's conference brochure which contains a schedule of this year's workshops and activities. This year's Keynote Address will be delivered by Joel Goodman of The HUMOR Project.

Click here for additional information regarding registration, lodging, research awards, presentations and a student scholarship opportunity.

Call for AASP Award Nominations

Our professional community has many exceptional psychologists and administrators.  As you start back to school, consider nominating an esteemed colleague or supervisor for an AASP award in acknowledgement of their accomplishments and contributions. Each year, the Arizona Association of School Psychologists recognizes individuals who contribute significantly to the profession of school psychology. Individuals and teams are encouraged to nominate an outstanding and respected colleague for one of the following three awards. Click on the links below to find criteria and nomination forms. 

1. Keith Perkins Lifetime Achievement Award: This award is given to an Arizona school psychologist whose career reflects consistent and outstanding achievement to students, teachers, parents, administrators, community agencies, and the profession of school psychology. Click here for criteria and form.

2. School Psychologist of the Year: This award is given to a practicing Arizona school psychologist who consistently performs at a superior level. The criteria for the award should reflect adherence to and application of the domains of school psychology practice as outlined by the NASP Practice Model. Click here criteria and form.

3. Administrator of the Year: This award is given to an Arizona educational administrator at the school or district level who has who supports the work of school psychologists and recognizes the value of psychological services to all children. Click here for criteria and form.

Nominations should be submitted electronically to Dr. Samara Way, AASP past president and Awards Committee Chair at samara.way@aasp-az.org . Questions should be directed to Dr. Way. Nominations are due by midnight September 22, 2017.

Central Region Training Event

Please join the Arizona Association of School Psychologists in a Central Region training with Dr. Michael Redivo.  Dr. Redivo is the Executive Director of the Desert Heights Academy.

Cultivating a Values Grounded Learning Environment:  Promoting Student and Staff Growth and Development

In our day to day walk as professionals and leaders, conflict occurs regularly – whether it be within our departments, between staff, with parents / students, and / or within ourselves.  The Productive Conflict model offers educators, especially leaders, a method for using conflict in a manner that promotes growth among students AND between staff, ultimately strengthening departmental, school, and classroom culture.  This workshop will address conflict within the context of learning theory, highlighting the notion that conflict, in many instances, is a catalyst for new learning and growth to occur.  Emphasis will also be placed on the development of a shared vision amongst leaders, as this vision helps unify diverse groups / teams towards a common, positive, and purposeful goal.  This workshop will identify a framework for thinking about and managing conflict in productive and useful ways.  Aspects of the biology of learning will also be integrated, identifying how productive conflict strengthens a growth mindset for administrators and the staff whom they lead.  The Productive Conflict model is applicable in all aspects of our day to day work. This workshop will use videos, role plays, and small group discussion to make the learning experience lively and engaging.

Click on the following link for registration and additional information: Central Region Training Event

NASP Advocacy Action Center

1. Visit The NASP Advocacy Page to find all of NASP's current Legislative alerts.

2. Click on the blue title of one of these alerts, and this will bring you to a new page.

3. Input your personal information in the pre-existing boxes to send the letter to Congress. The Advocacy Action Center will find your members of Congress automatically by your zip code.

4. If you check the box "Remember me" at the bottom of the page , it will remember this information.

5. Press "submit" on this page and a new page will appear with a draft subject line and message to e-mail to congress. You may keep this subject line and message or choose to edit it.

6. When you are finished editing the letter, press "Submit" and you will receive a confirmation that your letter was sent.

7. From the confirmation page, press "Back to main page" to return to the home page and submit the rest of the letters.

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