Spring 2017 AASP Northern Region Workshop in Flagstaff

Genes and School Psychology

Dr. David Wodrich

Professor Emeritus, Department of Disability and Psychoeducational Studies

University of Arizona

Offered collaboratively by AASP, SASP, & Northern Arizona University

Abstract: Genetic influences on learning and behavior, once considered rare, are increasingly recognized as common. This workshop updates practicing school psychologists about advances in genetics and concomitant findings about common genetic syndromes as expressed in school. It also helps participants sharpen their thinking regarding the role of environmental and heritable influences on the students they see in schools.  Numerous cases, centered on their classroom expression, are included.

Learning Objectives

1.       Participants will be able to identify the genetic basis of syndromes commonly seen by school psychologists.

2.       Participants will be able to identify the classroom manifestations of common genetic syndromes seen in schools.

3.       Participants will be able to describe diagnostic procedures often used by geneticists and their relevance for school psychologists.

4.       Participants will be able to describe research techniques used by behavioral geneticists and their relevance for practicing school psychologists.

5.       Participants will be able to use online resources to assist their practice.

Participants who attend the three hour sessions in entirety will receive 3 NASP-approved CPDs

Event information:

·        June 1, 2017

·        12:30 to 3:30 PM (refreshments provided)

·        NAU Campus, Eastburn College of Education, Room 200

·         Free:  AASP and SASP members; $20 non-members (cash or check day of   workshop)

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